Are you a
Transformational Leader?

Challenge yourself and join us on a transformational journey into the heart of what it means to be a leader!

Pierre-Louis de Guillebon
CEO - International Carriers
“I observed after this training an incredible transformation...”
Anne Charlotte Fredenucci
CEO Ametra
“Powerful and enriching training! Alternating coaching and breathwork brings clear progress and quickly. Very Inspiring!”
Dominique Schelcher
CEO Système U
“Astonishing transformation, there was a real before and after!”
Aminata Ndiaye
VP Marketing, Digital and Customer Experience Orange Middle East and Africa
“Empowering masterclass. I want to continue! Inspiring!”
Sandra Gehenot
Freight Director UIC
"Very positive experience which can be applied immediately! I had no idea how powerful breathing was...!”

“Groups led by transformational leaders have higher levels of performance and satisfaction than groups led by other types of leaders”

Psychology Today

Transformational leadership is the key to your success!

Engage your teams

To engage more, leadership has to be looked at in a new way. Especially in a time of increasing stress, burn-out when whole generations are turning AWAY from leadership because of the pressure.

This is why we have to profoundly revisit the empowerment process, not only rewiring problems as challenges but equipping our nervous system with tools to face the higher demands of leadership.

Wake up your leadership and the leaders in your teams, yes! But also coach them, bring empathy and oxygen to their issues and challenges.

In our programs, we teach clients to breathe more openly and deeper. This allows them to hear the positive call behind the essential message of empowerment “Everyone is a leader” and to act on it

Everyone is a leader!

Be inspired

Everyone is a leader… and every leader has a flag.

“Be the change”. “Never give up”. “Forgive.” ”Think for yourself”

These are quotes or “flags” from some of the great transformational leaders of the past. They can help us and inspire us but the real question still remains: How do WE access OUR own authenticity, our own convictions as leaders? And how do we help others do the same?

This revolutionary coaching program will take you on an inner journey into the core of your leadership, into who you are, in order to identify your true sense of purpose and your authentic power.

Let’s find out what is at the heart of your own sources of inspiration because to inspire others you have to, first of all, BE INSPIRED!

Inspire your audiences!

“Transform Your Challenges”
or “The 7 keys to Transformational Breath®”
interest you as a keynote for your next corporate event?


Inspirational Keynotes for your Convention/Conference/Seminar

“Transform Your Challenges”
– which means to inspire Transformational Leaders.

An exciting and interactive keynote presentation with one single goal – to inspire leaders in the audience, to inspire transformational leaders.


“The 7 keys to Transformational Breath®”

The 7 keys to Transformational Breath® Power, Presence, Voice, Stress Management, Emotional intelligence, Inspirational Presentations and Authentic Purpose


Transformational Leader MasterClass

Select training organised by Adgency Experts.

Transformational Leader MasterClass

2 day intensive for groups



  • Transformation and Leadership
  • Engaging your teams
  • Inspirational Communication

April 6-7, 2020

July 7-8, 2020

November 19-20, 2020

Transformational Leader MasterClass

2 day intensive for groups



  • Transformation et Leadership
  • Engagez vos équipes
  • Communication Inspirationelle

Février 18-19 2020

Juin 2-3 2020

Septembre 29-30 2020

Individual Coaching

One-on-one training for leaders

Transformational Leader Individual Coaching 7 session Program

  • Confidence and the art of building trust
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Power of Presence
  • Transformational Breath®


About us

Catharina von Bargen and Paul Barrett are both from the performing arts with a lifetime of coaching others, they bring compassion, a sense of service and love of humanity to all their work

Paul Barrett

Expert in high impact communication, Paul Barrett is the author of « High Impact Presenting » and a key player in the world of corporate events. He hosts and facilitates international conferences, corporate conventions and award ceremonies and presents keynotes on: Transformational Leaders, Presence and How to Pitch & Transformational Breath®.

Both a cinema and a theatre actor, Paul coaches leaders both on and off the stage, using his technical knowledge in communication to better serve his clients. Paul has shared the stage with many well-known political and business figures : Kofi Annan, Jean-Marc Ayrault, Craig Venter, and many business leaders like Jacques D’Estais, Pierre Pringuet, Marc de Garidel, Henri de Castries, Paul Hermelin, Béatrice Belorgey, Jean- Guillaume Despature, Franck Riboud.

Catharina von Bargen

Catharina von Bargen is a performance coach and breath expert. She is a certified Transformational Breath® Senior Trainer and has developed Quantum Reconnexion, an approach based on presence, body awareness and breath. Former classical guitarist, Catharina’s performance skills now help leaders step into their own power and find their voice.

Catharina presents keynotes on Transformational Leaders, Presence and Transformational Breath® and has worked with Dominique Schelcher (CEO Système U), Pierre-Louis De Guillebon (CEO Orange International Carriers), François Dacquin (CEO BNPParibas Wealth Management Luxembourg), Alexandre Jost (Founder Fabrique Spinoza) and Anne-Charlotte Fredenucci (Ametra).

Catharina leads workshops in France, England, Belgium and in Germany and works as a high level coach for performers and artists. For business executives, she teaches « Power of the Voice », and in collaboration with Paul Barrett « Transformational Leader Coaching » to engage and inspire your teams.

Transformational leadership is the key to your success!

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